Softest fabrics for your baby!

What is the softest fabric for your baby?

At Bumblebee Boutique, we only carry the softest fabric for baby’s skin. There are three fabrics that we currently have in the boutique.

Pima Cotton- This is the fabric used by Kissy Kissy, and is a favorite of new parents and grandparents. We often say that the kissy Kissy fabric feels like butter! Most pima cotton is made in Peru.

Bamboo- You will find bamboo in a number of our lines.  Angel Dear and Magnetic Me use bamboo for baby. The fabric is incredibly soft, breathable, stretchy, and moderates heat well. Everybody loves the feel of bamboo against their skin. It’s not just for babies. It has become very popular in blankets and sheets as well.

Muslin- Muslin is light weight and a very breathable cotton. Muslin wears extremely well, and gets softer the more you wash it. Angel Dear makes clothing and blankets in muslin cotton for babies and toddlers.

All three of these fabrics wear well and can be machine washed and dried! Keep in mind that pima cotton will shrink some in the wash.
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