5 tips for shopping with your young child...

  1. Shop at kid friendly places… this may seem obvious, but some shops are much more kid friendly than others. Look for toy cubbies and books to keep your little one busy.
  2. Think of getting a promised “reward” first. Children are naturally impatient. You may just get the good behavior you are looking for while the child plays with an exciting new acquisition, and you won’t be constantly saying “no toy unless you behave”.
  3. Use your sales people. Any good boutique will have associates willing to help you out if you just ask. Many of them will be great at distracting the baby while you try something on or are making a decision. A good sales associate can also help you make decisions faster, limiting the time shopping.
  4. Don’t overestimate what you can get done. Instead of doing one big trip, doing errands can break your day up. Children are just not made to tolerate long shopping trips in and out of the car all day long.
  5. This is my number one rule!! If you ask their opinion, you must respect it. Don’t ask a toddler which shoe they want if you are not prepared to get that shoe. We all know how frustrating it is when our husbands ask our opinion, and then ignore it!

With a little forethought and preparation, shopping with your little one can be enjoyable for both of you!

Happy Shopping!

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